Highlights From Previous Men's Haute Couture Collections

The suits appear in the following order:
The Rowan, The Leland, The Carlisle, The Vettro, The Atkinson, The Ildo, The Daniel, The Dillion, The Wimbly, The Westly, The Sharmoud.

If you would like to make an appointment to be fitted for and purchase any of these suits (a portion of the proceeds will go to charity)
Call: 971 04 423 3813 or 971 04 431 3535 or e-mail info@franklineugene.com

The suits from the Masculine Collection appear in the following order:
The Alveaux, The Bradley, The Cooper, The Dexus, The James William, The Jose Luis, The Maxwell, The Mr. Martin, The Nehru, The Sortirios.


The suits from the Resort Collection appear in the following order: The Timmy T, The Connerr, The Anthony L, The Brently, The Domenic James, The Ipston, The Tyler Tibbs, The George Frederick, The Marco, The Sylvest


Suits from the Franklin Eugene Peerless Collection appear in the following order: The Arthur, The Topher John, The Jay Sidney, The Frost, The Faisal, The Marclay, The Mittchum, The Willie S, The Taylor Re', The Rit Johnson


Silhouettes from the Franklin Eugene Shades of Blue Collection appear in the following order: Everyman Blue Classic, Everyman Blue Pullover, Everyman Blue Tank, Bluewave South Beach w/self belt, Bluewave South Beach, Blue Wave Rehoboth, Blue Wave Saint Tropez, Gingham Ibiza, Gingham Los Angeles, Gingham Savannah, The El Mirador Tank, The El Mirador Waist Shirt, The El Mirador Short, The El Mirador Blazer, The Wroughton, The Marcel, The Baratta

Silhouettes From the Franklin Eugene Metal Collection